First Sweater

Today is a very nice day.

For one, it’s Halloween. But Zepp is the only one who dressed up:

Halloween Zepp

For two, Dan and I are celebrating our four year anniversary. Can you believe it? Look at us four years ago:

Dan and Liz

Photo: Chelsea

And three, I am wearing my very first top-down sweater!:

Top-Down Sweater

I’ve worn things I’ve sewn before, but there’s something special and different about knitting. I love the fact that I get to watch the fabric and the garment take shape at the same time. It’s an entirely different kind of satisfaction.

I didn’t invent this. I followed a pattern from Fitted Knits by Stefanie Japel. I’ve followed patterns before, but I really went out of my way to make sure I had the proper yarn and the proper needles.

Patience really is a virtue.
Especially when you want something to fit properly.

I am also completely infatuated with top-down sweater knitting. It’s magical. I love having my sleeves waiting for me on scrap yarn while I finish the rest of the body. AND the only seaming that had to be done was the sleeves and a little bit of the collar.

Sweater Collar

This is a great way to introduce yourself into sweater knitting. It’s no fuss. It’s easy. The pattern is adaptable. I followed the pattern for when to start the ribbing – the high ribbing was actually what drew me to the design in the first place. But you could easily extend the knitted part on the sleeves and/or body longer for a shorter ribbed section.

I’m also excited about this because it looks like a pattern I can really play with. A lot of exciting twists and turns can be taken from a simple knit pattern. I have a lot of this yarn left (I’m always afraid of running out!), and I think I will be seeing what else I can learn from understanding the basics of this patter.

For now, I will be spending the rest of this lovely fall day with my family. Later, Dan will be taking me to a real restaurant where we will drink red wine and eat delicious Italian food!

Dan and Zepp

Photo: Will Castellucci


13 responses to “First Sweater

  1. oh my I LOVE the sweater… would you knit me one?

    and I remember you guys four years ago awwww.

  2. Liz@Needles&Bread

    Supply me with the yarn of your choice (though I will instruct you on what kind) and bust measurement, center front measurement, and sleeve length and it shall be done. 😉

    Craziness, right? Can you believe that Harvest Ball was four years ago now?

  3. First off, Happy Anniversary! And your doggy is adorable!

    That sweater is amazing. I’ve been failing at crocheting recently (all my hats are thumb-puppet sized…though recently I got one to be puppy sized, so progress?) so I am absolutely astounded that someone can actually get yarn to turn into something that doesn’t accidentally fit a Pomeranian. Seriously…AMAZING, especially for a first! I love what you did with the point of the collar (how the ribbing in the CF point isn’t symmetrical, but rather looks more wrapped around). It’s a lovely detail.

    And I totally agree with you when it comes to simple patterns. ..they’re great to play with and manipulate once you’ve figured out the mechanics of a garment. I have a basic cocktail pattern floating around that serves as the starting point for anything funky I try to do (seeing as how there’s still no mannequin in the picture…). It’s reassuring to dive into something experimental knowing that at least the waist will fit and the bodice is the right height, etc.

    • Liz@Needles&Bread

      Thank you!

      With anything yarn I really think it pays to start off following patterns. And there are tons of free ones online. Here’s one:
      I use and love it. Lots of good links.

      It’s different from sewing because I feel like there’s almost more of a language to it since you’re shaping a fabric and a garment at the same time. Now that I’ve been knitting for awhile, I’m starting to actually understand what all the twists and slips mean instead of just doing them and marveling that something good is happening. The patterns really let you pay attention to what’s going on and help you retain that lesson for when you want to experiment on your own.

  4. What a lovely post. You both look great. Your dog is gorgeous. But, above all else, I’m tremendously impressed with your knitting skills. I wish I could knit just one booty for the baby!

    • Liz@Needles&Bread

      Thank you! I’ve come a long way since first picking up the needles. I’m learning a lot of patience… something I don’t generally have that much. The fact that I am wearing something I knit is pretty outrageous considering my track record of unfinished projects.

  5. Is this the same sweater that shrunk in the laundry?? If yes, that post is intensely sadder than the first time I saw it. Perhaps the dog would enjoy wearing your shrunk sweater. (68% kidding!)

    • It is, indeed! Hahahaha and you are not the first to suggest Zepp wear the sweater. If he wouldn’t spend the entire time chewing it to shreds, I would consider it, but he loves string way too much.

  6. String + dogs = horrible poops. Probably best to let Zepp wear her own fur coat…

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  8. Love the sweaters Liz and the photos of you guys. I’m inspired and signed up for my first knitting class in a couple of weeks. It seems we’ll be making a scarf. Hope I can handle that. We’ll see.

    • I’m excited for you to learn knitting! There’s so much fun to be had with it. It also travels easier than quilting 😉

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