Learning to Spin

Drop Spindle with Yarn

I’ve been attending a six part workshop at the Hallockville Museum Farm with Donna Trunk, a local fiber artist, on knitting, spinning, and weaving. It’s extremely interesting, very hands on, and everyone is very excited to be present and learning.

Hand-spun Yarn

Let me tell you something.

Spinning is hard.
There’s a knack to it; it must click eventually.

I’ve overspinning.
I’m underspinning.
Yarn is breaking.
All poor Zepp wants to do is play with all the beautiful fluff.






I’m very proud of him. Even when it’s falling on his nose he’s restraining himself.

With all of this, I’m still trying. Still practicing. Looking forward to the next class so I can hold up my stuff and say, “Please tell me what I can do differently.”

This is kind of a big deal for me. Patience is not one of my greatest virtues. I’m an instant gratification kind of gal – except in the kitchen and on the needles. Any thing else and I have no interest in waiting.

FleeceHand-spun Yarn





Ask Dan.

He made the mistake of telling me he bought me a present. In August. That I couldn’t have until November.

I require a distraction present if I’m going to be told something shiny is in my future but I can’t have it for almost three months.

But this knitting and spinning thins has really shown me I’m capable of patience. I am not moving on to another project because I am not having instant success. I am practicing. And trying. And if I need a break, I take it – but I return to continue making an effort.

Drop Spindle with Yarn

I love doing this.

I want this to be a significant portion of my future. The Needles and The Kitchen are my ticket to quitting my day job. I am the only one that can make me ge tthere, so I am doing something scary – I’m being more responsible about how I’m using my time.

Unheard of!

It’s a challenge. But I’m telling you this today because I’m actually working on it. You can keep me accountable.


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