Sweater: Fail


Do not put hand knits in the wash. They do not come out like industrial knits.

Lesson: Learned.


7 responses to “Sweater: Fail

  1. The worst part is, I knew this was going to be the outcome, but some sick portion of my brain was like, “No, do it, maybe it will be fine and you don’t ever have to worry about this ridiculous myth again.”

    Not. A. Myth.

    I guess I’m going to make a new one. I liked that sweater.

  2. You could probably still pull this one off as a belly sweater or something. I mean…it may seem too small, but if you wear it like it’s totally normal and intentional, it could probably catch on.

    • Yeah, I was kind of hoping I could take it in that direction, but the armscyes (yeah, that word) were so tight and the sleeves themselves were so tight it would be massively uncomfortable. I could spend some time stretching it and see what happens.

  3. This is so intensely sad. 😦

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