Thanksgiving | Photo Tour

Thanksgiving To Do

I think my Thanksgiving is best summed up mostly in images.

I took pictures as much as I could during the process until things were really out of hand.


Considering this was my first Thanksgiving that I personally hosted, I would say it went rather well.

And that we’re going to be eating pie for the next year.

Broccoli and Cauliflower

Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower
I made a side of roasted cauliflower and broccoli because they were in my fridge and desperately needed to be used. I also roasted a whole head of garlic in the middle of the pan and then tossed the whole cloves with the veggies. I roasted everything the day before. The day of, after the Turkey came out of the oven, I tossed them with some pecorino romano, topped them with breadcrumbs, and popped them in the oven until the breadcrumbs were a little crispy.

Roasted Brussel Sprouts
I roasted brussel sprouts the day before also. I found a recipe for Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Wild Mushrooms and Cream in the Thanksgiving issue of Fine Dining (full recipe at the link). I loved this recipe. I, of course, burnt my little sprouts a bit… luckily you can just peel off that layer.

Burnt Brussel Sprouts
I’ve also been a big fan of dehydrated mushrooms lately. It’s the only way I can get anything more exotic than a portobello. But the dried Chantarelles I bought did not rehydrate nearly as well as the Porcini. I guess they needed more time in hot water, but I had followed the packaging instructions. Everything tasted good, the mushrooms were just a bit too dry. Overall, though, a stellar dish. The touch of white wine that’s added really brings everything together.

After that, I made pie crusts:

Pie Dough

Pecan Pie Dough
For my pumpkin pie, I substituted a cup of flour in my pie dough recipe for a cup of pecans. Turns out, because of the oil in the nuts, it’s a really loose sticky dough, so I wound up adding back in about a half a cup of flour… basically until it held together. But it was a very nice addition to the pumpkin pie.

I managed to not photograph any of the pies, but they were all beautiful and delicious.

The next day I made my cranberry sauces:

Cranberry Pear Sauce
I made a Pear-Cranberry pie and had leftover pears in cinnamon and sugar. So I heated up about half a stick of butter, browned it, added the pears and some maple syrup and then the cranberries and had an amazing sweet sauce.


Cranberry Salsa
I’d read a few recipes for a spicy cranberry salsa and wound up not having any of the ingredients for any of them. The only thing I’d managed to buy was the cilantro, a jalapeno, and a chili pepper. So I sauteed some red onion with the peppers, then added about a cup of sweet red wine and the cranberries. I think I ended up adding about 1/2 cup of sugar because the cranberries were very tart. Then I mixed in the cilantro and let it cook a little longer. It was spicy and tangy and paired incredibly with the turkey.

Then I prepped the turkey. Tell you what, tucking turkey wings is the hardest thing ever. I had to enlist Dan’s help.

Dan Tucking Turkey Wings
But he got it!

Prepped Turkey
Butter and rosemary went under its skin.

Prepped Turkey Cavity
Inside, the cavity was filled with onions, carrots, celery, parsley, and sage.

Also, this is how my mom brought her half of Thanksgiving down:

Coolers with Thanksgiving Food(The beer was us.)

Then everything got too crazy for picture taking. The last thing I did, after the turkey was out of the oven and resting, was make a sausage bread stuffing recipe that I found in my Food Network Magazine Thanksgiving issue.

Bread Stuffing
The turkey was a Bell and Evans turkey. Pricey, but their meat is always good.

Turkey Close Up
Me with the bird:

Liz and Turkey
Then Steve carved it, because I would just make a giant mess:

Turkey Carving
Then everything was finally set out buffet style in this folding table we had to buy for the occasion:

Thanksgiving Buffet Table
Thanksgiving Buffet Table Reverse
And this is what my kitchen looked like afterwards:

Thanksgiving Kitchen Mess

But we all had a wonderful time, all of the food was delectable, and Thanksgiving again proves to be my favorite holiday.

Hope you all had an extraordinary Thanksgiving as well. Now, to plot for Christmas…

9 responses to “Thanksgiving | Photo Tour

  1. I love your kitchen and your meal holy crap.

  2. I LOVE LOVE this post! I want Thanksgiving again, preferably at YOUR place! Everything looks delicious (beautiful golden brown turkey) and fantastic photos!

  3. Thank you so much! Christmas is kind of a mini Thanksgiving for us… but there should definitely be some kind of holiday in the Spring centered around eating…

  4. It’s not a party until your kitchen looks like a tornado hit it. Awesome job. Everything looked really tasty!

  5. Thanks! And so true! Luckily the boyfriend works in a restaurant and he’s all about speedy clean ups, he had it looking back to normal within a half an hour after dessert. It was pretty fabulous.

  6. It all looks amazingly delicious. You also look radiant and not like the crazed woman I was on T-day. Good job on your first T-day feast!

    • Thank you! Ha, and I was fairly crazed, this was the moment where finally everything was done at relatively the same time and we were finally going to get to eat…. you know, with only about an hour and a half delay from my projected dinner time.

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