Knitting Swatches / My Terrible Diet

There are some exciting possibilities afoot in my life right now. Since they mostly involve knitting at the moment, I’ve been knitting like a mad woman.


As such, I’ve been eating mostly hummus and pita chips and whatever else happens to get chucked in my general direction.

It’s mostly hummus and pita chips though. Hey, at least it’s all natural hummus.


(That’s  ribbon!)

But you will all be proud of me, I can now do a full half hour of Vinyasa Flow yoga before I want to expire in a puddle of jelly on my yoga mat. Before I know it, I will no longer be jelly but the delicious womanly opposite of jelly packed into my Victoria’s Secret bathing suit.


I have also been thinking a lot about my branding as I move further into my knitwear. And I don’t know if I should pick a brand that is not my name – like Needles&Bread. But I think Needles&Bread might be too cutesy for the look I will be going for. Unless the logo is designed to look completely badass, in which case it can be cute AND edgy.

OR, as originally intended, Needles&Bread can be my extension brand of kitchenware. But then Needles&WHAT? Needles&_________. Needles&Liz? Liz&Needles? Needles. Now the word “needles” looks like it’s not a word at all. Kneedles? Gross. That looks like some kind of disgusting bug or sketchy massage parlor.

Or it can just be my name. But Liz LaBrocca Designs/Knitwear/Stuff…. I don’t know. I feel like it’s missing something, ya know?

Thoughts anyone? How did you figure out your brand?


4 responses to “Knitting Swatches / My Terrible Diet

  1. Go with Liz LaBrocca. Your last name is spellable. Seize the opportunity.

    Or I’m totally tempted to take up the challenge to design you a badass logo centered around Needles&Bread.

    • I feel like Needles&Bread should just be my blog on my website, you know? But then it still asks the question of what should my overarching brand name be?


      I just feel like it’s a little stuffy for the things I would be designing. I feel like I’m a little more fun than just: LaBrocca.

  2. I think LaBrocca says it all. Let the yarn flow from your jug.
    Less is sometimes better.

  3. Oh my. I can’t give you any advice in this department except to think long and hard about this. Maybe consult a professional? My friend works with people to help them brand and brainstorm ideas about their businesses.

    I love the swatches!

    I knit booties this week. They are horribly knit, but I’m TRYING to learn. I have the Stitch and Bitch book. Any other recommendations?

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