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New Year / Rack of Lamb

The holidays are always hectic for me. Mostly because I’m pretty terrible at planning things in advance. It’s a hard skill to learn. As such, my holiday updates always seem to be a little delayed.

That is going to start changing. And you, friends, are going to help me.

You are going to help me with a little thing called Accountability.

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Thanksgiving | Photo Tour

Thanksgiving To Do

I think my Thanksgiving is best summed up mostly in images.

I took pictures as much as I could during the process until things were really out of hand.


Considering this was my first Thanksgiving that I personally hosted, I would say it went rather well.

And that we’re going to be eating pie for the next year.
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Thanksgiving Prep


My solution to my horrible blue wall was to make it into one big chalkboard!

Now my holiday planning is all in one place.

It’s been hectic over here – what with cleaning, shopping, and an uncontrollable pool habit, I’ve been hard-pressed for time. My knitting has been sadly neglected until after Thanksgiving.

And after Thanksgiving, I’ll show you how we did Thanksgiving Needles&Bread Style.

Happy Thanksgiving to You and All Your Families!