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Corned Beef Hash

I think corned beef and cabbage is a great meal. It’s not something that is a staple, so it’s always a treat when someone cooks it up. But what really gets me going about corned beef and cabbage is that I get to make corned beef hash with the leftovers.

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Macaroni n Cheese / or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Cheese

And bacon.
And butter.
And milk.

macaroni and cheese

But only sometimes. This is certainly one of those occasional meals, when something special is happening.

And it was a special occasion, because Chelsea came to visit.

Chelsea on the Jetty
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Vegetarian Piccata / New Year

The new year is interesting, especially when you’re making it apply to yourself. It gets personal. It needs to be personal. If it’s not personal, there’s no reason to bother really.

And it’s totally tough, I’m not going to lie. It’s hard being different. Not different-unique, but different-from-the-way-you-usually-run-your-life. Healthy. Productive. (More) Organized.

I’m going to have to ¬†go to the grocery store tomorrow, and this month we have to practice a special kind of frugality because of the absurd bills we will be paying. Because of this, I am going to take time today to plan what I will make during the week – enough for dinners and lunches – that way I don’t waste any money at the grocery store.

Last night, for example, I used an eggplant and a bag of cremini mushrooms that desperately needed to be cooked.

Vegetarian Piccata

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New Year / Rack of Lamb

The holidays are always hectic for me. Mostly because I’m pretty terrible at planning things in advance. It’s a hard skill to learn. As such, my holiday updates always seem to be a little delayed.

That is going to start changing. And you, friends, are going to help me.

You are going to help me with a little thing called Accountability.

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Bread Pudding | Home Fries | Sunday Brunch

Sundays are always a favorite day around here. It’s the only day of the week Dan and I have off together. As such, it can end up getting cluttered with various obligations and chores.

Brunch Plate

Sometimes, though, it’s just quiet and lazy.
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Risotto w. Asparagus and Porcini | Redecorating

Risotto with Asparagus and Porcini

I was trying to get some kitchen redesign done before the holidays. Mostly I just wanted to get this one wall painted. Blue. A pretty blue we’d picked out a year ago and never used.

But there’s still wallpaper in hard to reach spots – above cabinets, behind the refrigerator.

And it clashes – horrifically clashes – with my beautiful blue.

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Lasagna, Comfort Food, and Friends

With the onset of Fall and colder weather, I’ve had big pots of warm, filling food on my mind. The kind of food that just makes you relax and revel in the moment as soon as it hits your tongue. You sit back, you chew, you take a deep breath, and you feel like winter can’t be all that bad.

Lasagna Baking

Will Castellucci

I will be singing a different tune by February.

Or tomorrow.

For now, though, I am sated. We literally ate lasagna from Wednesday to about Sunday. The leftover are finally, sadly, finished, but the season of big, hot, satisfying meals is not.

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