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T Topper Sweater – Review / Christmas is Coming

This year really flew by. Christmas didn’t just sneak up on me. It crouched in a dark alley, leaped out as I was walking by, and hit me over the head. It’s next week.

Oh my.

But the tree is up. I love having the tree up. Even though it’s not real, it’s nice and homey and pretty.

Christmas Tree
As I head into the new year, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to accomplish in 2011. I want 2011 to have tangible, positive results on my life. And that means I need to reach an entirely new level of pro-activity.

One of my goals is to really be designing my own knitwear by this time next year. I’ve started already. I bought myself a copy of Sweater Design in Plain English by Maggie Righetti.

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Sweater: Fail


Do not put hand knits in the wash. They do not come out like industrial knits.

Lesson: Learned.

First Sweater

Today is a very nice day.

For one, it’s Halloween. But Zepp is the only one who dressed up:

Halloween Zepp

For two, Dan and I are celebrating our four year anniversary. Can you believe it? Look at us four years ago:

Dan and Liz

Photo: Chelsea

And three, I am wearing my very first top-down sweater!:

Top-Down Sweater

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