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February Food For Thought

Snowy YardJanuary is always a rough month for me.  It’s just how it is. I go into a hibernation mode that’s hard to pull out of until I hit a big low and realize I need to snap out of it. This year’s low was eating an ENTIRE Chinese food combo to my face – gross.

To make up for it, I ordered myself a $92 (after shipping and handling – yeah, ten bucks to ship essentially a quarter pound of fabric) bikini and I’m going to look good in in damn it.

victoria's secret 2011 bikini

While I am not an eight foot tall swimwear model, I can still rock this bikini… after a little bit of work.

I’m not  going to go all body-issue on you (maybe just a little), but I really haven’t been in any kind of shape since high school. My saying that always pisses a lot of chicks off. I realize I don’t look out of shape, but I am. My muscle tone is essentially zero and carrying my groceries makes me want to curl up in the parking lot and die.

Today, I stop talking and I start doing. I did one hour of Vinyasa Flow yoga over a YogaGlo (mentioned in my resolutions post, which, by the by, I am not doing so hot with – hence a Resolution Renaissance in February). I had to take several breaks, especially when the class was really into this long series of repetitions that require an absurd amount of upper body strength. But it’s OK, because every day will get me closer to being stronger and being more muscular, like I used to be. And when the weather breaks, I will begin running again.


I’m also going to open this blog up a little more topic wise. I need to write more and get my words out there a little more. Sometimes I feel a little inhibited here, I feel like I really need to keep in my niche and be a good little blogger; i.e., I read too many blogs on blogging and everyone basically says the same thing and it makes me so bored. I’m sick of bullet point posts and people telling me that I need to incorporate idiot gimmicks to make my space worthwhile. Well, maybe I don’t want any of you people reading my blog and I only want my lovely readers who don’t mind how many paragraphs are here or how many points I make, as long as I make a point and toss them something yummy to eat a few times a month.

That’s going to make me more happy, dear reader, and I hope you stick around. I’m expanding myself this year, and I hope we can expand together, those of you who want to stick around.

I’m also hoping to relocate by 2012 – any of you who read this who do no live in New York, please, tell me a little about your area and what’s great about it. I’m interested in learning about places other than San Diego.

So, finally, here’s to 2011 and really making it count because I can’t have another slouchy year like 2010. I need a positive, productive, relaxed, enlightened, in-shape, creative 2011 – and that’s the direction I’m heading in as of today.